Sunday, July 26, 2015

More on Jewellery!

I like to wear jewellery that small, with sparkles and sometimes pearls intermittently and depending on my feeling, outfit and occasion. I mostly prefer to get my jewellery from nordstrom stores. But sometimes I would get my earrings from small family jewellery stores, this is rare. Anyway my favorite brand of jewelery is mostly Givenchy and sometimes Katespade. I have included images of a few jewellery that I already have and have been eyeballing for a few days now, let me know what you think?  

 1 Glass Pearl Stud Earrings
 2 Stone Bracelet
 3 Small Glass Pearl Earrings
 4 Stud Earrings
 5 Grande bouquet' mixed stone earrings
 6 One in a million' initial pendant necklace
 7 Stone stud earrings
 8 Seaport' faux pearl studs

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